Photography by Parker Inniss

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I’ve waited tables at a Huddle House, operated tanning beds, sold nursing uniforms, made court exhibits, wiped noses at a day care center, and sold bicycles to Manhattan kids who hadn’t learned to ride.  I was a college drop out with no marketable skill, but I’d collected a lot of stories about living in this great country.


So, I started to write.  I published personal books, and then – with startling clarity – realized I’d run out of things to say.  I was in my thirties and it seemed two books about my life were quite enough.  That’s when I started ghostwriting and never looked back.


As a ghostwriter, I barreled down the interstate in a Presidential campaign bus while being chased by CNN; I sat in an Olympic training center and watching backflips on a balance beam; I attended the live, televised wedding of America’s favorite Bachelor; I heard first hand accounts of communist oppression from a Chinese dissident; I talked to a man in federal prison who’d killed his fiancé; I completed a book with a client who sometimes worked completely nude; I flew on a rickety Donald Trump campaign plane fearing I might crash; I got to see the famous Iron Dog race on a frozen lake in Alaska; and I made sure the body makeup of a Dancing with the Stars contestant was just right.


Now, I’m a New York Times best-selling author. In addition to ghost writing, I’ve also written opinion pieces for the Washington Post, USA Today, and National Review.  With my last ghostwriting project on the shelves, I wanted to try something new in the realm of fiction.  I’m currently shopping my first novel to publishers, so stay tuned.  


Hey, you just can’t ever tell what might happen.





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